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Tiong Bahru Park

Tiong Bahru Park was first developed around 1967 to serve the residents in Henderson, Bukit Merah and Lower Delta Road. In 1977, the park incorporated a nursery site. 

The park was redeveloped in 2000 to reflect a theme of 'Old Frame, New Images'. The upgraded park features many new facilities to meet the recreational needs of different groups of park users and provides a livelier ambience to the park. An example is the tilting train in the adventure playground that is loved by children. More trees and palms were planted to provide better shade, more greenery and a cool environment for residents.

Tiong Bahru Plaza

Built in the 1930s, Tiong Bahru Estate is one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore.

Now: One of the Landmarks of Tiong Bahru.


According to a Malay legend, a mysterious bloody event lies behind the name. In early times, when the island was populated by fishing villages, the fishermen were often threatened by swordfish attacks. A young boy who lived on the hill proposed a possible solution to theSultan: "Build a fence of banana tree trunks to ward off the swordfish". This was done, and the attacking swordfishes' long sharp beaks were stuck in the tree trunks, thus proving the boy right. The battle with the swordfish was won. The Sultan was alarmed by the boy's intelligence, fearing that the boy might gain popularity among the Sultan's subjects, and eventually overthrew him. Hence, he ordered his soldiers to kill the boy. While four soldiers were making their way up to the hill one night to kill the boy, they saw a fountain mysteriously spouting blood from the ground. The mysterious incident was conjured by a woman with long hair that appeared before the four soldiers. The soldiers were so terrified by the sight that they did not accomplish their death mission.
Another version of the legend has it that the boy was indeed killed, and his blood spilled down the hill and dyed the soil red, and thus the hill was named Bukit Merah, after Red hill.
From an scientific viewpoint, the area got its red-orange colouring due to the lateritic soils in the area, which when exposed without vegetation makes a striking impression of a "blood soaked" landscape.

Redhill Market

Redhill Market History:
Originally built in 1969, 
Redhill Market and Food Centre was re-opened for business the 16th of July 2005, after undergoing a major transformation under the Hawker Centres Upgrading Programme (HUP).

Map Of Location of Landmarks

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